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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

After years of trying unsuccessfully to list my home on my own, I finally realized that I needed some serious help. I began looking for a great real estate agent who could help me out, and after interviewing a few professionals I found someone that was really in tune with what I needed. They sat down with me to talk about my needs and worked hard to help me to identify different homes that could work for my family. I wanted to make a blog all about selecting the perfect agent to work with during your house hunt. Check out this blog for great tips on choosing agents.


Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

What Buyers Will Expect In The Luxury Home Market In 2019 And Beyond

Savannah Marshall

When shopping for luxury homes, buyers have certain expectations that need to met in luxury homes for sale in order to clinch the deal. Every real estate agent has groaned over the sprawling 5,000 square foot house that was finished with tile, sinks, and faucets that were recently builder's specials at the local, big box hardware store. Why? It won't sell because it is not meeting, or exceeding, anyone's expectations. 

1. Home Office: In today's world of flex work, working from home, and self employment, a home office is a top priority for many luxury home buyers. While you shouldn't remodel your home just to add this feature, you can stage an extra bedroom or bonus room with a desk and create the illusion of a home office. 

2. Counter Tops: While the age-old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes will probably apply forever, we'd venture to say that the wrong kitchen counter tops can kill a deal fast. If you have dated Formica or tile counter tops, you are going to want to replace them before listing your home. Granite is expected, but that is just the starting point. Carrara marble, soapstone, and recycled glass are all trending and highly desirable with luxury buyers. 

3. Hardware: Brass is out and chrome is in. Chrome is out and oil-rubbed finishes are in. Oil-rubbed is out and...brass is in? Yes. Brass is back with a vengeance. While not as yellow in tone as the ubiquitous brass of the 1990's, today's brass is a lush finish that luxury buyers want. Luckily, it is a fairly simple process to switch out dated drawer pulls and faucets for new ones to make your home more appealing to this segment of the market. 

4. Up-to-Date Interior: When a potential buyer is paying top dollar for a home, they are not interested in a home with floral wallpaper from 1962 and a looped carpet from 1993. They expect, dare we say demand, up-to-date interiors. Have a frank talk with your real estate agent about what needs to be updated in your home in order to sell for top dollar and maximize your return. 

5. Security: Security is a growing concern for everyone. If your home doesn't have a CCTV security system, it is easy to add a doorbell camera that can connect to any cell phone. 

You don't have to remodel your home in order to sell it, but you do need to spruce it up so everyone's expectations are being met.