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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Why You Should Create a Roommate Agreement When Sharing an Apartment

Savannah Marshall

Renting an apartment can be costly if you live alone, and this is one of the main reasons many people decide to share an apartment with another person. Sharing an apartment with someone else cuts your costs in half, but living with another person can also be difficult in many cases. If you want to have a roommate, you should create a roommate agreement to use. This will reduce the number of problems you have with this person, and it will help protect you. Here are several things to know about roommate agreements.

What is a roommate agreement?

A roommate agreement is an agreement you make with the person you will be sharing the apartment with. This agreement is not the same thing as a lease agreement; however, you should make sure both of your names are on the lease agreement when you sign it. A roommate agreement is simply an agreement of how the arrangement will work as roommates.

What important details should it contain?

There are many important details you should include in this agreement, including the following:

  • Financial details – You should clearly state the financial responsibilities of each person sharing the apartment. If all bills, including rent, will be split evenly, then write this on the agreement. As you write it, be as specific as possible.
  • Household responsibilities – You may also want to include details of each person's responsibilities. For example, you might agree to do the dishes while your roommate cleans the bathrooms. Make sure you have a plan for these things and that you both agree on how things should be done.
  • Guests – Creating a plan of how you will handle guests is also important. For example, if you do not want guests at your house, you will have to find a roommate that agrees to this rules.

You can add almost any detail you want to this agreement, and it is always better if you are very specific.

How will this protect you?

Having a roommate agreement will protect you when problems arise, as it will offer guidance as to how to handle the issue. When a dispute arises, you can simply look at the agreement, and it will most likely contain the rules relating to the dispute.

Creating a roommate agreement is something that you should do if you rent an apartment with someone else. To start looking for an apartment to rent, contact a property management firm like ABA Rental Properties Inc today.