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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Three Reasons To Buy Farmland Instead Of Rent It

Savannah Marshall

For those in the farming community, it's often a dream to own your own farmland. Being able to buy a section of land, even if it's not enormous, gives you the ability to grow your crops or raise your animals on your own land, rather than rent land for these jobs. Before you decide to buy, however, you should always assess whether buying is better for you than renting. Although buying has a long list of benefits, some people may find that renting — at least for a period of time — is a better choice. Here are three reasons to buy farms for sale instead of renting them.

You're Young

Buying farmland is generally a smarter move when you're on the younger side. Although your financial situation, the price of the farmland, and other criteria can influence exactly how you should proceed, farmland generally comes with a hefty price tag. This means that if you want to get clear of the mortgage and begin putting money in your pocket, you'll need time — which is obviously something that younger people have. You should always talk to your real estate agent about the value of the farmland and the expected annual revenues that you'd get, to help decide if buying is the right choice.

You Have Renters Lined Up

While farmers earn revenue based on the crops that they produce or the animals that they raise, another valuable way to make income off your farmland is by renting it out. Farmers commonly rent parcels of land to other farmers and animal owners. For example, a nearby farmer may have a herd of sheep live on your land in exchange for a set fee. This practice can be highly lucrative, so it's worthwhile to not only see what current renters are using the farmland so that you can ensure they'll continue with you, as well as talk to other people about perhaps renting the land. Doing so increases your earning potential, thus affirming that buying is the right decision.

The Farmland Is In A Desirable Area

Land often increases in value over time, but the climbing value of a piece of farmland can be more significant depending on factors around the area. For example, if there's a large farm within a close distance to a medium-sized town, this land may increase in value faster than farmland in the middle of nowhere. Your real estate agent will talk to you about the market forecast for real estate in the area and advise you about how much it's expected to increase in the years ahead. In many cases, buying now, rather than continuing to rent, will be a highly lucrative decision.