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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Essential Replacement Parts To Keep On Hand For A Residential Building

Savannah Marshall

If you work in the property maintenance department — or perhaps you are the property maintenance department — of a residential building, part of the way that you can keep residents happy is by rectifying their maintenance issues quickly. When someone has a problem with his or her unit, this person doesn't really want to hear you saying that you'll find a contractor and he or she will visit in the coming days. Residents want results fast so that whatever issue is affecting them has minimal disruption. You can go a long way toward helping your tenants by keeping a variety of replacement parts on hand. Over time, you'll get a sense of what things fail in peoples' units, and having the parts and know-how to replace them yourself is ideal. Here are some essential replacement parts.


Although some tenants in your building may use their own showerheads, many will use the existing equipment — which means that you'll be responsible for fixing any issues. Over time, mineral deposits, worn-out gaskets, and other issues can cause showerheads to fail, which can mean that a tenant may be unable to shower properly until the issue is fixed. If you keep several standard showerheads on hand, you can often fix this problem in a matter of minutes.


Each tenant of a residential building relies on the peephole in his or her door for safety. Without this device, it's difficult to assess who might be outside the door without opening it. Peepholes can sometimes fail due to vibration. For example, if the heavy door slams repeatedly over time, the glass pieces inside the peephole can shift and make the device impossible to see through. A resident may feel uneasy with a broken peephole, but you can quickly replace this device if you make sure that you always have a few on hand.

Light Switches

Although a light switch can last for decades, it can also fail. Sometimes, light switches fail due to a manufacturing defect. In other cases, they can fail because someone slams them on and off with a lot of force. When a light switch doesn't work, a resident may be left in the dark — and won't be very pleased about it. However, he or she will be thrilled when you report that you have a light switch in your hand and you're making your way to the tenant's unit to replace it promptly.