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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

3 Things To Check Before Buying An Old Home If You Have Children

Savannah Marshall

You have found your way to that beautiful antiquated home, and it is everything you ever dreamed it could be with all its vintage charm. There is no question about it, old houses have a certain draw that is hard to avoid. However, if you have children, buying an old house should take some careful examination. The fact is, older houses were built at times when different codes were in place, and some codes of safety were nonexistent. Therefore, while old houses can be incredibly attractive, sometimes they are not the safest places for small children. There are a few things to check before buying an old home if you have children. 

Has the house been assessed for lead-based paint?

Lead-based paint is a huge concern if you have small children in the house, and some older houses are full of it. With age, lead paint can crack, chip, and peel. If a child gets ahold of a piece of paint and puts it in their mouth, it can cause lead poisoning. Plus, lead-based paints often rub off as dust on little hands that rub along a painted surface, in which case the lead can also get into their mouths. Before you buy a house, make sure all lead-based paint has been cleared and removed. While the paint may not be a dealbreaker, it is something that should be handled before you move in. 

Has the house been tested for asbestos?

Siding, drywall, and even insulation once contained asbestos fibers. Asbestos has been linked to all kinds of respiratory problems, but specifically, mesothelioma. No one should be exposed to asbestos inside of their home, but smaller children can be even more vulnerable to this toxic material than adults because they have smaller respiratory systems. Before you make an offer on an old house, make sure it is tested by a professional for the presence of asbestos. 

Has the home had any issues with mold?

Old homes have withstood years of life, which can mean at some point in time or another, water damage could've been an issue. Because older wood can be more susceptible to mold growth after water damage, and old houses have their fair share of old wood, mold is a very real possibility in some older houses, Children can suffer the consequences of only small amounts of mold in their everyday environment. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a mold specialist assess the house for signs of mold. 

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