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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Top Tips For Showings When Selling Your House

Savannah Marshall

When your real estate agent lists your home for sale, you will probably get phone calls for showings within just a couple of days. The showings you have will help sell your house, which means you should do all you can to make the most of them. Here are some top tips to help you prepare for these showings so that buyers will like your house and feel welcome.

Leave the house and don't rush them

The first tip to help you have successful showings is to understand that you must leave your house during them, and you should avoid trying to rush those that are viewing the house. When you leave, don't drive by the house to try to catch a glimpse of the potential buyers; just leave. Your agent will give you a time-frame to leave, and you should make sure you leave 15 minutes early and return 15 minutes late. This will give the buyers time to look around for as long as they would like.

Make them feel welcome right away

A second tip is to make the buyers feel welcome as soon as they walk in your house, and to do this you may need to focus on making sure your entryway looks great. Turn the lights on in your entryway and open the curtains and blinds if necessary. Make sure this area looks spotless, bright, and welcoming.

Avoid having strong scents

You might be tempted to burn candles during the showings or to spray air freshener, but you should really try to avoid these things. When people view houses with strong scents, it may trigger them to wonder if you are trying to cover up bad odors. You should, however, make sure your house smells fresh and good and that there are no bad odors present.

Offer refreshments

Another great step you could take prior to showings is preparing some snacks for the people who view your home. You could leave out several bottles of ice-cold water, a bowl of candies, and a plate of cookies. If you do this, leave out napkins and small plates as well, and make sure they can easily find your trash can to use for these items.

Leave information

You could also leave some important information out on the table to help buyers learn more about your home. For example, you could leave out property tax statements, utility bills, or receipts from recent purchases for new appliances.

Taking the time to prepare for your showings might help you find a buyer faster. To learn more tips about this, talk to a real estate broker today.