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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Three Features To Remember If You Frequently Have Overnight Guests

Savannah Marshall

When you shop for a house, you should always be thinking about the degree to which it will align with your lifestyle. A big backyard is ideal if you have children, for example, while a spacious kitchen is perfect if you love to cook. If you're someone who really enjoys having overnight guests — perhaps for several days at a time and a few times a month — this is something that you should keep in mind while you shop. Even though you're buying the house for yourself, a number of guest-friendly features will be handy in the years ahead. Here are three things that you'll likely want to look for.

1. Spare Bedrooms

It's nice when your overnight guests don't have to sleep on your pullout couch or on air mattresses on the floor, so you should always look for one or more spare bedrooms when you're shopping for your house. As you visit different homes for sale, look for rooms that the homeowners aren't using as bedrooms, but that you could easily convert. For example, if there's a home office in one of the houses that you visit, this space would likely be suitable as a spare bedroom for your overnight guests.

2. Extra Bathroom

The number of bathrooms is always an important consideration when you shop for a new home, but becomes even more critical when you buy a home with the intention of frequently hosting overnight guests. Generally, it's handy if your guests don't have to share a bathroom with you and your family. This can lead to congestion getting into the bathroom in the morning, as well as a slight lack of privacy. If you can find a house that has a spare bathroom with at least a shower, if not a tub, you'll have a perfect spot for your future guests.

3. Ample Parking

The features to look for aren't just located inside the house. You should also evaluate the parking situation at each home that you're considering. If your guests usually arrive by vehicle, there needs to be a spot for them to park. Some neighborhoods aren't conducive to street parking, so you shouldn't always count on having your guests leave their vehicles parked on the street. If there's a house that offers more driveway space than you need for your own vehicles, this can be ideal. Speak to your real estate agent about the necessity of each of these features, and he or she will help you to find what you need.