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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

5 Often-Forgotten Things to Include in Your Property Listings

Savannah Marshall

If you are selling your home without the help of an agent, one of the most challenging things you'll need to do is write a property listing. Doing so is harder than you might think since you have to decide which details to include and which to leave out. Here are five things that people often forget to include in property listings -- but that can be incredibly helpful for buyers if you do include them.

Neighborhood Description

Many home buyers are looking for a specific type of neighborhood as much as they are looking for a type of home. If you include in your listing the type of neighborhood your home is in, you will save potential buyers the trip of driving out and finding out that the neighborhood is not what they'd like. You'll also attract home buyers who are looking for neighborhood-specific information in listings. 

Whether or Not Appliances Are Included

Whether or not you include the appliances may seem inconsequential considering the expense of a home. However, buyers who are moving quickly may only want to look at homes that include appliances so they do not have to shop for these separately. If you are including appliances in the home, list the ones you are including if you have space in the ad to do so.

How Old the Roof Is

Roof replacement is one of the most expensive home maintenance elements that future owners may have to pay for. Some shoppers may be willing to buy a home with an older roof if it is priced in acknowledgement of this. Others will only want a home with a newer roof. If you include the age of the roof in your sales ad, you won't have to waste time showing the home to buyers who are ultimately turned off by the roof's age.

Information About the Fence

If the home has a fenced-in yard, definitely mention this! A fenced-in yard is a must-have for many home buyers who have kids and dogs, and people will overlook a lot of other small flaws in your home if it just has a fenced-in yard.

Home Style

You may surmise that people can tell what architectural style your home is built in from the pictures, but exterior pictures can be misleading. Include the home's style—whether it's a Cape Cod, Craftsman, Rustic, or something else—and you'll attract buyers who are searching for that specific style. You also ensure that your ad comes up when they search for a style as a keyword, which won't happen if the style is only represented in photos.

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