Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents
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Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

After years of trying unsuccessfully to list my home on my own, I finally realized that I needed some serious help. I began looking for a great real estate agent who could help me out, and after interviewing a few professionals I found someone that was really in tune with what I needed. They sat down with me to talk about my needs and worked hard to help me to identify different homes that could work for my family. I wanted to make a blog all about selecting the perfect agent to work with during your house hunt. Check out this blog for great tips on choosing agents.


Choosing Qualified Real Estate Agents

Worried About Staying On A House Buying Budget During Relocation? Talk With An Agent About These Things

Savannah Marshall

When it comes to buying a home and sticking to a budget, your real estate agent will be able to take into consideration all of the factors that you probably aren't thinking about. You want to talk to your agent about where you want to live, what you want to pay, and what you know you can realistically afford. Here are some of the things that your agent will talk with you about when selecting different homes to walk through, and questions to ask about to find the best property for you.

Check Natural Disaster and Home Insurance Rates

With the uprise in natural disasters in the past year, insurance rates are expected to rise. Although rates usually increase annually, there are some things you can do when home shopping to try to find an area or home where rates are low, including the following:

  • Avoid flood zones
  • Upgrade to impact resistant structural materials
  • Buy near a fire station

These different things can affect how much you have to pay for homeowners insurance, which you want to factor when determining your mortgage and how much you can afford.

Look at the Houses Around a Property of Interest

You don't want to have the biggest or most valuable house in a subdivision because this can bring down the value, but you also don't want to buy a lower end house in an expensive subdivision. You have to pay taxes based on your home value, and the value of the homes around you, so be sure to find a location where the houses are similar in value, to keep tax rates appropriate, along with the sale price and cost.

School District Needs

Your agent should be able to break down the ratings of school districts in the area for you, so you can decide where you want to buy. You will have to pay more to be in a better school district often, but this is worth the cost if you are sending your kids to public schools. Make sure that you are paying for an area with great schools and lower crime rates, instead of overpaying for an area that isn't as statistically appealing for resale purposes.

Your agent can talk with you about all of these things and the different properties you've suggested to walk through, so you can get a house you can afford in a good area. Make a list of needs, then wants, and see what your real estate agent comes up with. 

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